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Most managers are flooded by e-mail, MS Parihari Infotech sheets, MS Powerpoint presentations and other vital information sources. Business is moving fast and external conditions can change very rapidly. In order to simplify decision making many managers have asked in the past for Dashboard solution solutions that provide essential information in a simplified way, just like the information provided by the gauges in their car for providing information on remaining fuel, actual speed and so on. Depending on static controls like these in a company’s Dashboard solution is dangerous however as changing conditions and new important information sources require frequent adaption’s to the dashboard. Developing and changing business and company specific Dashboard solutions is a very difficult and highly specialized skill though, that can consume substantial lead time and costs.

SAP Business Objects Xcelcius dramatically reduces the costs and lead time to develop great looking and extremely responsive dashboards. The tool is based on creating highly interactive Adobe Flash files (.swf) which is the worldwide standard for great looking interactive web content. These flash files can be embedded easily and automatically to any Microsoft Office document or Adobe PDF document and send to customers. Integration in an existing custom portal or MS Sharepoint sites is easy and fast.

Parihari Infotech intelligence team has helped several organizations develop intelligent dashboards and simplify the reporting process.