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Parihari Infotech Pvt Ltd has conceptualized Quality Delivery in its vision statement and is committed to delivering quality software products and Telecom technology and services which live up to our customers' expectations. Parihari Infotech is an offshore development organization that works for:
  • Excellency in all areas of business.
  • Quality of software products and Telecom Technology and services at all stages of development and delivery.
We understand the competitive edge of customers on quality and have adopted a well-defined set of criteria applied to the entire
software development life cycle. At Parihari Infotech, we guarantee the utmost level of quality in our operations by our rigid methodologies
as outlined below:
  • We impart periodic quality training programmes to enhance the performance of all our employees.
  • Full process and methodology watch/guard by our quality consultants throughout the completion of the software development. cycle.
  • Extensive testing methodologies by our in-house Testing professionals.

Our motto is:

              "Quality is a continuous journey which never stops".