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The human resources department of a company is its backbone and serves as the functional centre of an organization. It operates in both the forefront and behind the scenes as it is intimately involved with every aspect of the business.

HR representatives are responsible for the broad and diverse categories of paperwork and employee services. They are skilled in administrative duties as well as interpersonal interactions to handle all the activities associated with the HR department.
Major Categories of HR Management Activities :
  • Recruitment Management . 
  • Workforce Planning.
  • Induction Management.
  • Training Management .
  • Performance Management.
  • Compensation & Benefits.
  • Attendance/Leave Management .

  • Overtime Management .
  • Pay slip Distribution.
  • Timesheet Management.
  • Employee Information/ Skill Management .
  • Employee Survey  .
  • Exit Interviews & Process.
  • Health & Safety.